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Vampire Feeding

Vampire Feeding Though the topic of vampire feeding seems pretty straightforward, there are always a few questions when it comes to the specifics. Hopefully this article will give you a clearer idea of how exactly vampire feeding works. As most people know, vampires drink blood. The blood of live humans is always preferred, but animal blood will also do the trick. Any warm-blooded mammal can supply the necessary blood for survival, and in extreme situations cold-blooded creatures like snakes and other reptiles may suffice, though their blood is less effective. Many vampire myths insinuate that a vampire's heart does not beat. This is not true. Just like humans, vampire hearts beat in order to move the blood through the body. This is why staking a vampire through the heart is an effective way of killing it. Unlike humans, vampires do not eat food for sustenance. In our bodies, food is digested and transformed into energy. Since vampires do not have active digestive systems, blood is ingested and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Fresh blood is necessary for vampire survival. It is blood that allows them to regenerate both any wounds they may acquire and to sustain living flesh. Since vampires are essentially dead, their bodies naturally decay. Fresh blood moving through the body allows their flesh to stay alive. Most vampires only need to feed a couple of times a week in order to maintain health, but a wounded vampire will need to feed more often as blood is required for the healing process. As a vampire ages, it requires less blood to maintain normal functionality. The reason behind this is not entirely clear, but likely has to do with the fact that a vampire's gifts and special abilities intensify over time as well. Thus, the older a vampire gets, the stronger its power becomes, and the less mortal its body is. Vampire Bites Unless you want to become a vampire, or die, there is good reason to be resistant to a vampire bite. Even if a vampire bites you and leaves you alive, you would still be at high risk for squiring Porphyric Hemophilia (Vampire Disease). If left untreated, this disease will cause a human body to weaken and deteriorate. If the disease is allowed to settle into the organs of the body, the only options left are to either die or become a vampire. For more information check out our Facts About Vampires page.

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